Clearview Airpark 2W2
526 Oak Tree Road
Westminster, MD 21157


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‚ÄčTo join the Club, you can be a Social Member for $25 or a Flying Member for $100 per month. For new members, whether social or flying, must pay six (6) months of membership dues at
the time of sign up. 

This membership invites you and your family to monthly events. We have monthly Family events including Family Cookouts, Flying, and Fun at the Airport.

Below are our General Operationing Rules, By-Laws, and a Member Application Form. 

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From CFC President Walter Tegeler:

"We had a great year in review (2018) and plans for the future in the club discussion. With the club now owning 3 aircraft and now plans to possibly add a taildragger in the future. 

This club has come a long way since it's beginning in June 2016 and we have some great plans to come. As we all know, we owe our success to all of the GREAT members that join in to make it all work. As a non for profit club, ran by all volunteers and every member helping out is what makes it happen. We are always looking for new members to support our goal of bringing back Aviation to the Good Ole Days for 2W2 and all of Aviation!!!"