"We are adding New Pilots to the Aviation Community one by one, and bringing old ones back! 

Our goal is to build the Aviation Community and bring back the days of the Barnstormers. We are doing it here at the Clearview Flying Club!!!

Congratulations to all of our Pilots!"

Walter Tegeler

CFC Presiden

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About Us

Clearview Airpark 2W2
526 Oak Tree Road
Westminster, MD 21157


Located at Clearview Airpark 2W2 in Westminster MD, The Clearview Flying Club is one of the fastest growing General Aviation clubs in Maryland, with over 50 members and 3 well-equipped airplanes. 

Since June 2016 our mission has been provide members with SAFE, CLEAN, and well-equipped airplanes at the most economical rates possible. We are a Non for Profit 501-C-7 corporation that provides family and friends the fun and freedom of flying.

FAA Certified Flight Instructors available for instruction at various levels of training including a Private Pilot’s License and a Instrument Rating.

Monthly events including Cookouts, Safety/Educational Seminars, Movie Nights, Flying, and Fun at the Airport!


1969 Cessna 150J 

$75/hour wet

Club Aircraft

1975 Cessna 172M

​$90/hour wet

The Clearview Flying Club

Website Created By: Travis Green/Amy Genovese

1965 Piper Cherokee 180


$110/hour wet

Congratulations to:

Dave Berry-SOLO 12/11/2016

Mike Lawson-SOLO 12/23/2016

Travis Green-SOLO 4/14/2017

Jason Levine-SOLO 6/13/2017

Dave Berry-PRIVATE PILOT 6/22/2017

Charles Greene-SOLO 7/19/2017

Jason Ashbaugh-SOLO 10/10/2017

Jeremy Watt-SOLO 10/18/2017

Jason Ashbaugh-PRIVATE PILOT 12/22/2017

Bill Valway-SOLO 2/13/2018

Andrew Hyde-SOLO 2/26/2018

Adrian Petasis-SOLO 4/20/2018

John Orzechowski-SOLO 4/26/2018

Jamey Prettyman-SOLO 6/1/2018

Alan Koziol-INSTRUMENT 7/4/2018

John Orzechowski-PRIVATE PILOT 8/9/2018

James Hwang-INSTRUMENT 8/26/2018

Andrew Hyde-PRIVATE PILOT 8/28/2018

Lee Cumberland-SOLO 9/19/2018

Alan Koziol-COMMERCIAL 10/25/2018

Charles Greene-PRIVATE PILOT 11/20/2018

Eric Shaw-SOLO 11/30/2018

Nate Jackson-SOLO 12/19/2018

Larry Gibbs-SOLO 12/25/2018

Lee Cumberland-PRIVATE PILOT 1/22/2019

Bobby Evans-SOLO 2/4/2019

Josh Ambrose-SOLO 7/11/2019

Marlon Koushall-SOLO 7/14/2019

Taylor Richter-SOLO 7/31/2019